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Announcing NYC Afterschool Exercise program for Young Autism Population

I am excited to announce that beginning October 1st, 2009, in partnership with Somatic Fitness Specialist Colleen Wahl, a new exercise program for children and young adults on the autism spectrum will be available in NYC.

Our program, Autism FitnessĀ  into Greatness, is a combination of the experience and success that both Autism Fitness and Move into Greatness have had with developing healthy bodies, self-empowerment, and new life skills. Each class will be centered around the needs, goals, and abilities of the athlete(s). We will be offering both individual and group instruction.

In the past, there have been movement or exercise programs that do not take into account the specific needs of the autism population. Equally so, there are educational programs that attempt to initiate fitness programs for students with autism, however the limited information on appropriate exercise does not result in an optimal program.

Autism Fitness into Greatness will bring both experience and expertise in autism and a dynamic, creative, best-practices approach to fitness and movement.

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