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Autism Fitness and Ropes Gone Wild

I’m always seeking out new, innovative, and fun equipment to incorporate into my Autism Fitness program. There is a difference between relying on equipment and innovating with equipment. I do not simply add “stuff” to my own fitness training or my athlete’s unless it:

– Is safe

– Effective


– Fun

One of my favorite modalities is rope swinging (also called undulation) that has been popularized by Anthony DiLuglio of Art of Strength.  Anthony has created a fantastic program with the ropes, and I’ve incorporated them into all of my Autism Fitness programs. My athletes LOVE them, and they can be used with any level of ability. Using the ropes promotes stability, strength endurance, coordination, and they are much more practical and dynamic (not to mention portable) than a treadmill.

Check out one of my teen athletes goin’ to town on a 45′ rope:

Autfit Athlete performing Ropes gone Wild

For more info on the Ropes Gone Wild program, head over to

The ropes are definitely a great part of a well balanced fitness program for ANYbody.

Live Inspired,