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Autism Fitness Family Exercise Program

Think about the amount of time you spend with your family. How much of that time is devoted to a healthy, active lifestyle? Sure, TV and video games are easy access and pass the time, but they are “fast food” activities devoid of any real benefit to physical or cognitive abilities.  A study performed several years ago asked participants two questions: How much time do you spend exercising? How much television do you watch? The results were predictable. The more TV people tend to watch, the less active they were.

Compound this with most people’s preconceived notions about exercise.  I mention the term “Fitness” and images of the aerobic class or running aimlessly on a treadmill are often the first perception. Fitness should and can be fun, and it takes a bit of exploration into the many variety of activities that can be performed. Here is my list of movement:

– Squat/Bend

– Push



– Locomotion (point A to point B)

Now the list of equipment, vastly different and far less expensive than a room full of clunky machines:

– Sandbells

– Dynamax medicine balls

– Ropes for Swinging

– Spot markers and Cones

Take the equipment and create activities based on the movements listed above.

Of course, writing about different exercise activities is not the best way to teach others how to perform them. I am excited to announce that beginning February 5th, my Autism Fitness Family Fitness program will begin here on Long Island at Professional Athletic Performance in Garden City. In addition to being a weekly exercise opportunity for adolescents and teens with autism, I plan to bring you some great video of our exercise activities.

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