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Autism Fitness presents: Real Family Fitness

I place a great deal of emphasis on family-centered fitness for a variety of reasons:

– Fitness in the home makes everyone healthier, establishes great lifestyle habits and wellness

– Provides ACTIVE rather than PASSIVE forms of entertainment, fun, and togetherness (as opposed to TV, video games, reading endless blogs other than, of course)

– Gives siblings constructive activity options other than fighting (which they will do regardless)

– For children and young individuals with autism, provides gross motor and physical education that they may not be getting in school, or generalizing out of school.

Below is a video I shot this past weekend with one of my athletes along with her brother (who LOVES joining in during our fitness sessions). I am told they do annoy one another and have their “occasional” battles, but in this video it seems everyone is otherwise occupied (Active and Engaged). I apologize for the heads being out of view during the Dynamax throws.

EC Blog 27 July 2009 Bear walks and Dynamax Throw from Eric Chessen on Vimeo.

Live Inspired,