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Eliminating the “Shuffle” step through Exercise

One of the greatest frustrations for both individuals with autism and their parents is the lack of public awareness and understanding about ASD. This often results in embarrassing, stigmatizing situations that could have been avoided and/or handled better without compromising the safety and/or emotional stability of the child or young adult with autism.

Physical handicaps are fairly easy to identify. Wheelchairs, crutches, or augmentative devices can allude us to a person who obviously has special needs. For individuals with autism, this is not always the case. There are, however, some physical deficits common to children with autism that can not only be socially stigmatizing, but limit the ability to develop physically. The “shuffle” step is a particularly regular occurrence.

Whatever the origin, a shuffling gait limits hip flexibility and can impede on activities from climbing stairs to kicking a ball to jumping. In the video below I provide a couple of ways to confront the shuffle step through exercise.

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