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Exciting Announcement for Autism Fitness!

Below is a statement released today by nonprofit organization ASD Athletes:

ASD Athletes is excited to present our roadmap for the future. As a
501c3 non-profit organization, we are passionate about paving the way
to bringing wellness and life skills opportunities to the doors of the
Autism Community through physical activity. Our services will be

1. providing a directory of approved resources offering a physical
activity, recreation, or sport.
2. providing “Field Day” community events, showcasing these approved
resources and offering mini-camps in select disciplines.

To be considered “approved,” each resource must have experience in
working with special needs persons, specifically with autism. In order
for parents and caretakers to effectively evaluate which resources to
choose for their loved ones, it is imperative that there is a standard
yardstick with which each resource must comply. We want to assure
parents and caretakers can trust these programs in their ability to be
proactive in providing opportunities for the athletes and to
appropriately handle situations that may arise in a manner that
maintains confidence among all stakeholders. This confidence is key.
The caretaker, athlete, and resource are the legs of the three-legged
stool for success.

Our focus in the next year is education. ASD Athletes is proud to
announce its fiscal support of the Autism Spectrum Wellness Alliance
in its Certification Project. Among a series of specialized wellness
certifications to be developed, The Alliance has agreed to create a
curriculum for ASD Athletes that will allow individuals to be ASWA
Certified in the fitness arena. This curriculum will be available
nation-wide which will enable ASD Athletes to provide our
platinum-standard directory and events to Autism Communities across
the Unites States within 3-5 years. Included in the curriculum will be
guidelines for meeting the ASWA Compliant requirements for a program
to be listed in the ASD Athletes Directory and to participate in the
ASD Athletes Field Day events.

The ASWA Certification Project committee will be led by chairman, Eric
Chessen, M.S., YCS, a Fitness Specialist and the Founder of Autism
Fitness. He and his committee have extensive knowledge through
experience and training with wellness and the autism population. For
nearly a decade, Eric has been integrating fitness programs for young
individuals on the autism spectrum. In addition to working with his
athletes, Eric consults and lectures across the country. His Autism
Fitness Initiative seminars are attended by parents, educators,
related service providers, and fitness professionals dedicated to
enhancing the optimal development of the children with whom they work.
Eric is the creator of the Beyond Boundaries DVD series, Co-developer
of the forthcoming IYCA Special Needs CEU curriculum, and a
contributing columnist to leading autism publications including
Spectrum Magazine and The Autism @ Home Series. More information is
avialable on his main site and his blog

The success of this project is vital to fulfilling ASD Athletes’
desire to raise the bar in autism awareness, education, and wellness.
Our upcoming campaigning effort will be dedicated to supporting and
funding this project. Our goal is to offer the first of 4 levels this
winter. Donations will be accepted at anytime for this project by
simply adding “ASWA Certification Project” to the memo field of your
check or paypal submission. Please make payable to “ASD Athletes” and
mail to:

Jennifer Higgins
Attn: ASWA Certification Project
PO Box 24432
Knoxville, TN 37933-2432

For more information, please feel free to contact us:

I am very excited to be partnering with ASD Athletes. The ASWA will be the leading organization in championing fitness and wellness for the autism population.

Live Inspired,