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go.NEW Autism Fitness E-Book Now Available!

My NEW Autism E-Book is Available Now!

I am excited to announce the release of my new E-book, Bike to the Future: A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Children with Autism to Ride with Success

Bike to the Future is the perfect starting point for any family that wants to teach an young person with ASD how to ride a bike. This new addition to the Autism Fitness E-book library covers topics including:

– How to assess the needs of each child

– Why learning styles may be different than you think

– What you can do TODAY for a lifetime of bike riding ability

– General fitness programs for physical fitness, strength, and endurance

This Autism E-Book was created with parents in mind

After speaking with many parents of young people with autism it was clear that Bike to the Future had to be written.   I wanted to take the frustration, trouble, and guesswork out of teaching bike riding to the autism population.  While many parents would love for their children to learn how to ride a bike, the challenges of autism often make teaching new skills difficult.  The Autism E-book Bike to the Future provides a blueprint for bike riding success.

No Other Autism E-book focuses on Learning to Ride a Bike

And certainly not using the strategies provided in Bike to the Future. The goal of the book was to make sure that parents would be able to teach bike riding successfully by limiting anxiety and stress, and focusing on building upon existing skills.

If you’ve tried teaching a child, adolescent, or teen with autism to ride a bike before, this E-book is for you. If you got started and then gave up in frustration, this E-book is for you. The strategies in the Bike to the Future Autism E-book are the same used to get some rather un-enthused Autism Fitness athletes to begin riding a bike with confidence and enjoying the experience! If you have a young person with autism and a bike (and want them to get together), this Autism E-book is for you.

Bike to the Future , the immediately downloadable Autism E-bookis available NOW at

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