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One of the most effective Autism Fitness Exercises…

Overhead walks are one of the most important and beneficial exercise activities that I use in my Autism Fitness programs. Overhead walks strengthen the trunk, build stability in the shoulders, and can help with postural issues. You ever notice the rounded shoulders that adolescents and teenagers on the autism spectrum (and just about every other spectrum) exhibit? Overhead walks are part of the answer.  My favorite progression towards mastery of the overhead walk looks like this:

1) Stand in place with arms extended up

2) Walk with arms extended up

3) Walk with both hands holding 4 lb. Sandbell

4) Walk with each hand holding 4 lb. Sandbell

Once this sequence is mastered, we can make the overhead walk part of a circuit, or add another challenge, such as walking with a partner.

Arms up = Healthy Shoulders and Trunk

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