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PAC Profile and Autism Fitness Featured on Yahoo News

Within about two phone calls and three days I was being interviewed on camera for Yahoo News Weekend Edition with Olympic Gold Medalist Dominique Dawes.  I got the opportunity to take he 28 year old brother, Don, through the PAC Profile Assessment and explained how the program addressed not only Physical Abilities, but Adaptive and Cognitive skills as well.

Don and I had fin going through all of the exercises in the PAC Profile Assessment multiple times (they filmed a lot of footage).  We discovered that Don was able to discriminate between push throws and overhead throws with a medicine ball, was able to perform overhead presses and overhead walks with two 6 lb. Sandbells, and is great with bear walks and frog hops, two of the most advanced activities in the Assessment. The PAC Profile Assessment Toolbox is finally ready and more info, including purchasing the program is available at

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