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Sunday Group Fitness Fun

The second time Larry came out of the restroom, he again asked me to feel his hands and make sure they were dry. Once I had, he was satisfied and went back to overhead dumbbell presses and Sandbell slams with the rest of the group.

My Sunday Autism Fitness class on Long Island is spectacular like that.  A Potpourri of physical and behavioral wonders. And yet it works so well. This past week we started off with our Dynamax ball medley; We start in a circle and perform push throws, overhead throws, rotational throws, and scoop throws, along with the elusive and advanced squat-to-push-throw (don’t worry, I’ll get video of this at some point).  From there, we performed weighted squats with dumbbells, overhead walks with Body Bars, rope swings, and a variety of hops and jumps.

Getting a new athlete in the program is never-fail interesting. I don’t know the slightest thing about them (unless I get a paragraph-long email in advance), and have to assess pretty quickly what they can/cannot do physically, how motivated they are to perform each activity, and whether I have to visually or physically prompt them through the activity. All of it in an improvised choreography that I’ve been doing for years and is no less exciting each time.

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