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Teaching Fitness to the Teachers

I provided a group fitness session this past weekend for nearly twenty children with autism, Downs Syndrome, and other developmental challenges. We performed about a dozen different Animoves from T-rex walks to sideways lizard hops and then split up into smaller groups for fire hose swings, Sandbell slams, and medicine ball tosses. The kids had a tremendous time, I, as usual, had an enormous amount of fun, and the staff were happy to get involved.

Bold but true statement: If this sort of thing went on every day in every special education program, we would have a generation of more focused, physically healthier, more able young individuals.  Autism Fitness is all about developing a cultural awareness of fitness and how it can benefit, amazingly benefit, the autism and special needs populations.

For parents and educators, the only obstacle in bringing fitness to the home and classroom is information.  And for that I have the solution. I am about to release two new products, a DVD and an E-Book that are filled with concepts, methods, and exercise so that ANYONE can create a fun, appropriate, and effective fitness program for individuals or groups of young people with ASD.

Partner Play = Socialization Success. A pic from the NEW E-Book

Partner Play = Socialization Success. A pic from the NEW E-Book

The more access our young generation has to fitness and wellness, the more options they have for a successful future.

Live Inspired,