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The Current State of Autism Information

For some time I have been compiling the latest  information regarding autism’s origin, therapies, and other interesting/valid research. Here are some of the most compelling items of the last few months:

– Autism is NOT caused by vaccines.

It infuriates me that I even have to write this. I still receive Google alerts with articles about vaccine safety and autism. This leads me to two possible conclusions; The authors are either ignorant and/or theorize that the big Pharma/Gov conspiracy is real OR some jackass writer thinks that he/she can get a lot of hits to their site by mentioning the mercury-autism link even though it was disproved several years ago in various unrelated studies that did not have backing by a biased entity. Oh, and Amish kids were diagnosed with ASD as well:

– Sleep Disturbances and Autism

One study with a pretty good sample size (1,056 children). Found a correlation between daytime problem behavior and sleep patterns:

– Young People with Autism Process Sounds and Vision Differently

This research supports some long-held theories by therapists, educators, parents, and mental health professionals regarding how individuals with ASD experience the world around them:

– “Misfolded” Neural Protein linked to Autism

Researchers at the University of California,  San Diego, discovered that the “misfolding of a protein called neuroligin-3” could be cause for disruption between neurons.

That’s a good chunk of info for now. I will post a Part II soon. Autism Fitness PAC Profile Assessment Toolbox will be available this week!

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