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The New Autism Numbers

I received an email earlier this week from the Autism Society of America announcing that the new autism numbers were now “1 in every 91.” This is an off-putting figure. The way I put in into realist perspective is by going into a room of people and, during discussion, inquire as to whether they know somebody on the autism spectrum. Most often they do. Whether it is a family member, child of a friend, or neighbor.

As a fitness professional and someone who is trying to bring health and wellness to the autism population, my focus is not directed towards the causes of autism, but how I can best serve the young autism population today.  Through fitness, we are able to enhance some of the most challenging issues related to ASD:

-Gross motor functioning

– Self-esteem



One of the best ways to develop an active lifestyle for children and young individuals with autism is to begin in the home.  A family-based fitness program not only helps to provide exercise on a regular basis, but can bring whole families closer together through extremely beneficial activity.

On October 18th I will be partnering with the NY Metro Chapter of the National Autism Association for the “Central Park Autism Fitness Workshops for Dads.” Fathers of children on the autism spectrum are invited to join me for a hands-on workshop on integrating fitness and sports programs in the home or outdoors.  For more info and to register CLICK HERE

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