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Two-Day Autism Fitness Seminar in Austin, TX

The Autism Fitness Initiative will return to Austin, TX July 24-25, 2010.

This will be the most comprehensive, interactive, and exciting AFI yet, and will feature a great deal of new strategies, exercises, and, for the first time, a special section on the PAC Profile screen for optimal fitness assessments. The PAC profile assures that you can create the most appropriate, effective, and fun program for your athletes with autism.

The weekend will feature interactive discussions about Autism Fitness concepts, methods, and practical information, along with PLENTY of hands-on training.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

– How to perform a fitness assessment of individuals with ASD/special needs

– The KEY concepts in making exercise fun and enjoyable for individuals with autism

– The only two program designs that REALLY WORK for groups of individuals with autism

– Exercise selection, teaching strategies, and progressions

– Creating a fitness program in the home, school, fitness center, or therapeutic environment.


The PAC Profile training alone is worth $550, plus you will be receiving a workbook, a FREE copy of the AutFit E-Book, and there will be some more bonuses too!

The Autism Fitness 2-Day Initiative is $297, but register before July 1st, and you can attend for


That’s $50 off what will be an inspiring, illuminating weekend in Austin.

Here’s the ONE CATCH: We only have 35 spots. We want to keep a small group atmosphere for optimal learning and 1-to-1 attention.

To register, email me at with the subject “Austin AFI 2010”

Live Inspired,