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Up Next…LA State Autism Conference

It occurred to me that I should probably update the blog, as I have been running around all over the country lately. My next stop is the Louisiana State Autism Conference in Lafayette this Friday, November 7th. I will be, as usual, ranting about how fitness is the missing component to optimize the lives of young individuals with autism.

Speaking of which, my athlete this evening got completely into the lateral jumps we were doing back and forth across some star-shaped spot markers.  What excited me was the fact that we’ve practiced this activity very little, however the pre-requisite skills that he’s developed enabled him to learn the new exercise quickly, efficiently, and it was also reinforcing to perform. That is what happens over time by developing foundational movement abilities, making the activity fun, and continuing to create new challenges.

Remember, every day provides us as professionals and parents with an opportunity to create opportunities for young people with autism to thrive. Through fitness, greatness can become reality.


Live Inspired,