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What Family Fitness means

When I arrived (a couple minutes late) to my athlete’s house for our Saturday exercise session, the Sandbells were already on the lawn and my athlete was taking his mom through some of the various lifting and throwing activities that we’ve been working/playing with. As soon as I got out of the car, Mom commented “He wanted to get up this morning and use all the stuff [equipment].” Not only did he want to use it, but he wanted Mom to join in as well.

At Autism Fitness the goal is not only to provide young individuals on the autism spectrum with the physical abilities to succeed in life, but the capability to share these new activities with family.  Home-based fitness programs can change lives quite dramatically. Often, parents are so concerned about the health and well-being of their children that they neglect to include exercise and good nutrition in their own daily lives. By making exercise and fitness a family priority and incorporating a lifestyle of wellness as opposed to “having to go to the gym,” fitness can be far more accessible and ACTUALLY fun.  It is amazing that most parents I speak to did not realize that fitness does not start and end with jogging on a treadmill or doing Pilates. There really is a huge world of great fitness activities to explore.

Due to a steady October downpour, my NY Metro  National Autism Association workshop for Dads in Central Park has been moved to next Sunday, October 25th from 10-12pm at the Johnson Playground (67th and 5th entrance). Join me for a very active morning of learning how to incorporate fitness into the special needs home.

Another rope-tastic session

Another rope-tastic session

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