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What I’m doing for my Summer Vacation, Autism Fitness Style

A friendly reminder from Autism Fitness that Summer is a great time to embark on some exploratory play adventures. Despite the fact that I’ve almost completed building my ark for the current NY weather (see also; constant rain), I cherish the ability to find a playground or open outdoor area to tumble, cartwheel, and throw around a Dynamax ball or Sandbell. Introducing exercise through random play is a great way to initiate a fitness program for a child with autism, because there are so few demands in place. The relatively unstructured nature of active play lends towards the discovery of new movement in new environments.

My good friend Bill Davis, author of the forthcoming book Autism Tomorrow often takes his son Chris for hikes along rocky paths, plays in the playground, climbs, jumps, and picks up heavy rocks. He has been doing this with Chris for years. Know what? Chris LOVES moving and takes every opportunity to run, play, and wrestle around with his father.  This is a life skill that he will have into adulthood.

I have some cool videos coming up this week focusing on developing gait patterns and progressions for getting those feet OFF the ground.  I look forward to sharing them with you.

Live Inspired,